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Hello everyone, 

Today, I'll be talking about this statement on why we say that anyone can write and publish on Atalanta World.

Why not everyone is able to write an itinerary for Atalanta

It seems quite a number of people are simply defeated by the fact that a massive amount of information is needed to complete an itinerary according to our standards. Well, since we got to uphold this quality so that the buyers have less worries about their trip, we cannot go around this requirement. In the end, many of you can't write for most places you've travelled to because too many details in your trip were not recorded.

Forget not, the place you are most familiar with

But, you guys are forgetting something, your own local area is also a place where someone has never been before. And I bet there are many hidden gems that only the locals know of as well. Write about them, create a whole itinerary for visiting your neighbourhood, your city, your state, your country, and let the rest of the world know what an amazing and interesting place you live in. Just by writing an itinerary about the place you know like the back of your hand, you get the chance to earn some monetary returns!

Take special care when writing

With that being said, writing for the place you are highly familiar with can sometimes lead to seemingly minute yet important details being left out. Such details if left out, can cause a traveller to get lost, confused, or spending more than they would have otherwise. Things like which type of taxi to take, description of landmarks to look out for along the way, where and how to buy a special travel pass/card, and specific norms to follow when in that area. What I have listed is not exhaustive but really the tip of the iceberg. So do take special care when writing itineraries for travelling to your local area.

Ending note

I really hope to see more of those local secrets being published on our marketplace, and not just the usual touristy attractions only. A healthy balanced mix would be the best in my opinion. Till next time, cheers! 

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