02 November, 2017 / By Atalanta World / 625 views

Greetings fellow travellers!

We bring exciting news about our latest addition to Atalanta World, something that we’ve been preparing for months and it’s finally ready.

Atalanta World is proud to announce the launch of our very own Specialised Travel Blogging Platform! 

Starting from today, all of our users will be able to create their very own travel blog site through the ‘Manage’ page. So now, not only will you be able to create travel itineraries on Atalanta World, but you’ll also be able to write all about your travels in greater detail through a blog. 

Create your very own travel blog with ease

Designed from the ground up to boast one of the easiest and simplest to use blogging platform

From sign up to publishing your first post in no time at all.

Focus on what’s important and leave the rest to us

You should be busy enjoying your travels and preparing blog content, not wasting time with your blog’s design, layout, and all the backend stuff. 

Google AMP-ready and responsive web design

Get better SEO with Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is built into our platform, helping your posts achieve better reception in google searches and Facebook sharing

Rest assured that everything will look great on both mobile and desktops with our responsive backend web design

What’s more, it’s absolutely free for life! No hidden charges, no credit cards needed. 

So what are you waiting for? Kickstart your travel blogging dreams with Atalanta World now. 

Best regards,

Atalanta Team