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Dear all, 

Every now and then we will feature a published itinerary that we personally like a lot - owing to many different factors. Today we've decided to feature the '4D3N get local in Hong Kong' itinerary and highlight some points that made it one of our current favourites! 

Just from the itinerary title itself, you can imagine all the hidden gems that only locals would know and @strawberray had exposed quite a few of them in her itinerary. Besides the all important local foods, she will also show you the way locals get around, in a meticulous and caring way, sprinkled with lots of photos to make sure you're always visually on track and never lost. 

And of course, she has also included a few major shopping areas, and famous scenic sights that would make your entire trip to Hong Kong an unforgettable one. So for anyone going to Hong Kong for a short vacation, this itinerary would be perfect for you! 

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4D3N Get local in Hong Kong

4D3N Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the cosmopolitan city that never sleeps. Get local and see for yourself what Hong Kong has to offer! Indulge in famous delights such as (Michelin-starred) Dim Sum, Roast Goose and Wanton noodles. Enjoy scenic views and immerse in authentic Hong Kong culture. This itinerary is perfect for families, couples and even solo-travelers.

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