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Changes to Post URL formatting

Previously, post url was generated using this format: [domain name] / [category-slug] / [post-slug]

For e.g. https://travelgatsby.atalantaworld.com/travel/yong-kang-street

Now, it has been changed to simply [domain name] / [post-slug]

For e.g. https://travelgatsby.atalantaworld.com/yong-kang-street

This is to prevent linking error causes by changing of category's url naming. Please take note that all your previous post url are no longer valid. If you have shared your post link on platforms such as Facebook, check again as those links may not work anymore.

Blogging - Categories

  1. Categories: Fixed a bug where the whole category structure behaving oddly or gets deleted while reassigning a category item to become a sub-category.
  2. Category URL naming can now be changed.

Blogging - Post Editor

  1. All functions are reworked to allow faster page loading and also delivering a smoother user experience.
  2. Post details and content blocks are now to be edited separately. This is to prevent major lost of unsaved changes due to poor internet connection.
  3. You can now edit the date of published.
  4. Itinerary Block: Now you can search and select from a list from your own published itineraries.
  5. Google Map Block: Now you can search location and get a map preview of the location within the block itself. It is also possible to get the specific address by using the embdeded google map's location marker.


  1. New theme variation release: Netros (Fade).
  2. Some themes: fixed bugs that causes footer pages links to be broken.

Atalanta World

  1. New Homepage layout and color scheme.

Having issues with our website, or blog editor? Leave a comment below and let us know the bugs!


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