09 January, 2018 / By Atalanta World / 429 views

Happy 2018! We are excited to bring you more updates and working hard regardless of the new year festival mood.

Blogging Editor

  1. Redesigned block inserting function. Now you can quickly add a new block in any desired position.
  2. URL slug field renamed as Post link, and relocated to be placed under Title.
  3. Auto saving will now occur when reordering blocks, and also upon previewing post.
  4. Added more functionality to the text editor - Text Strike-off and Text Alignment.


  1. New theme release: Netros
  2. Blog name & tagline are now shown correctly on all themes' homepage.
  3. Adjusted font type, font size and fixed post body text misalignment.
  4. Fixed a bug on text alignment changes not reflecting in post. If problem persist, please try setting those paragraphs to your desired alignment again.
  5. [Slate] theme series: Post Titles are now shifted up as overlay on the cover image, to maintain consistency with homepage.

Atalanta World

  1. New Homepage layout
  2. New page: Travel Records, to showcase all your travel posts!

Having issues with our website, or blog editor? Leave a comment below and let us know the bugs!