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Catching codebugs is a painful and never-ending process, but our team is committed to fix them as quickly as possible!

Blogging - Post Editor

  1. NEW - Now you can set up to 3 related posts, in your post. Choose or search from the list of your published posts. There must be at least 3 or more published posts to use this function. Now your post will automatically showcase the title and link for these 3 related posts after the main content.
  2. Fixed a bug where newly created post block cannot be rearranged.


  1. Fixed some minor visual inconsistency on Netros and Netros: Fade.
  2. Fixed a serious issue where category pages were not listing the correct posts.
  3. NEW THEME - Origins: Zilch, back to basic, clean and smooth layout, designed for minimalist lovers.

Atalanta mainsite

  1. Changes to Profile page - added a quick image gallery section to showcase photos found on the user's blogs and linking to the post itself. Now you have more reasons to start a blog and populate your profile page!
Previous design of profile page
New design with photos from blogs

Having issues with our website, or blog editor? Leave a comment below and let us know the bugs!


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