Important announcement for upcoming changes

21 May, 2018 / 548 views

Atalanta World will be undergoing a major change next month so we are giving all our users a heads up here before the actual changes kick in. This upcoming major change is our first step towards a new vision for our platform - prioritising info sharing and interactions between users.

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Atalanta World launches travel blogging service

02 November, 2017 / 617 views

Atalanta World is proud to announce the launch of our very own Specialised Travel Blogging Platform! Starting from today, all of our users will be able to create their very own travel blog site through the ‘Manage’ page. So now, not only will you be able to create travel itineraries on Atalanta World, but you’ll also be able to do travel blogging.

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Anyone can write and publish in Atalanta World

20 February, 2017 / 735 views

A quick statement on why we say that anyone can write and publish on Atalanta World.

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Atalanta's Choice: 4D3N get local in Hong Kong

24 January, 2017 / 417 views

Every now and then we will feature a published itinerary that we personally like a lot - owing to many different factors. Today we've decided to feature the '4D3N get local in Hong Kong' itinerary and highlight some points that made it one of our current favourites!

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Founder's note to publishers

09 January, 2017 / 399 views

Hello everyone! It's me Nicholas, one of the co-founders of Atalanta. I'm writing this extra long note as a memo for itinerary publishers on the site and potential ones as well. As our goal here is to ensure that all itineraries are up to standard, I'll be discussing the main pointers to guide you all on how to write one fit for Atalanta.

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Atalanta launches!

11 December, 2016 / 267 views

Today marks the first day of Atalanta in full operation! Welcome to all who are joining us from this day forward and to those that haven't, what are you waiting for? For all who are new and unfamiliar with the way Atalanta works, here are a few links, tips, and answers to get you started.

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