21 May, 2018 / By Atalanta World / 558 views

Dear users,

Atalanta World will be undergoing a major change next month so we are giving all our users a heads up here before the actual changes kick in. This upcoming major change is our first step towards a new vision for our platform - prioritising info sharing and interactions between users. There is so much more to say but I’ll try to keep it short for now and focus only on points that directly affect users’ current content.

The changes below will come into effect on 10th June 2018;

Changes to the itinerary marketplace

First and foremost, we have decided to remove the function of being able to sell your travel itineraries for money and will be making all itineraries current, and future, completely free.

So to all users with any priced itineraries that you wouldn’t want to share it for free, please log into your accounts before the changes kick in and delete the itinerary in question. Feel free to download the PDF copy of your itinerary before deleting if you’d like to keep it for personal use. Even after the changes come into effect and your itinerary has been made free, you will still be able to delete it any time you want.

On a related note, your account balances will not be affected and will still be available for withdrawing until further notice.

Limiting each account to ONE blog only

We will also be removing the function of having multiple blogs per account, and will henceforth, after the update, limit each account to have only ONE blog. This is to cut out unnecessary complications that arise from managing multiple blogs within a single account and generally simplifying the user experience.

So to all users with multiple blogs within an account, you have a few options to take,

Option 1 (default): You take no action. The blog with the most number of posts will be kept, or if all blogs have an equal number of posts, the oldest blog will be kept.

Option 2: You can log into your account and delete the unwanted blogs before option 1 takes effect.

Option 3: You can create new accounts to house each of the blog you’d like to keep. For this, please email us after you’ve created the new accounts and provide details of the blog and corresponding username that you’d like to transfer under.

Looking forward

As we move towards the impending changes, rest assured that all other content created or in creation using our platform will not be affected. You may continue to use the platform as per normal while keeping in mind the affected areas of the upcoming changes mentioned above. Please look forward to a renewed platform better fit for a new era of info sharing.

For any queries or clarification, please email Goddess@atalantaworld.com, and we’ll get back to you shortly.